We work with our partners to improve crop performance. Together, we’re committed to modernize food production through plant biology, big data analytics and cloud computing.

What We Do

The frontier of food production is changing, creating new business opportunities for those who engage and more business risk for those who don’t.  CropOS™ is a cognitive engine that provides decision support to accelerate crop improvement and enhance the sustainability of food, feed, fiber and fuel production. Our partners achieve competitive scale to innovate faster with minimal distraction to their core businesses, accelerating their R&D programs to deliver crop improvements that impact food production.

How CropOS™ is modernizing food production Using CropOS™, breeders and researchers conquer the most complex challenges and opportunities in any crop, from seed production to crop performance and product development.

Increased Productivity:

  • Carbon metabolism
  • Disease resistance
  • Plant architecture

Improved Resource Utilization:

  • Nitrogen use efficiency
  • Drought tolerance
  • Reduced post harvest waste

Enhanced Nutrition:

  • Healthier oils
  • Higher grain quality
  • Enhanced nutrient levels

Learn more about what Cloud Biology can do for your business, your crops and the planet. See the technology.

Crop Improvement

Benson Hill aimed high in developing CropOS™.  Our first target was what may be the greatest challenge in plant science, enhancing the primary metabolic pathway of photosynthesis.  Many had tried before with limited success. Despite huge complexity, we were able to leverage CropOS™ to rapidly identify gene candidates and information with the potential to significantly improve photosynthesis. We are proud to advance these technologies with our partners in multiple crops. CropOS™ is ready. Photosynthesis is only the beginning. CropOS™ is a cognitive engine that can be targeted toward any crop improvement goal in any crop. Empowering Innovators. Unlocking Nature’s Potential. 

Collaborate to innovate.

We work in direct collaboration with our partners to

  • Assess the genetic resources of their populations with the power of CropOS™, establishing a roadmap to accelerate crop improvement.
  • Design CropOS™ solutions to provide actionable decision support and unlock the potential of a broad range of genetic resources.
  • Deliver crop improvements using a spectrum of breeding and genome editing approaches that our partners choose.

We and our partners contribute data, knowledge, capacity and other assets to invest in CropOS™, building a community of innovators to modernize our food system.



Let’s unlock Nature’s potential together. Partner with us

Partner Spotlight
  • "Our partnership with Benson Hill is a true collaboration. Our scientists work closely together to leverage the Benson Hill CropOS computational and systems biology platform and our resources in Biogemma to develop yield traits for some of the most complex systems: corn and wheat.”