Benson Hill Biosystems brings the power of Cloud Biology™ to food production – combining cloud computing, big data analytics and plant biology to inspire innovation.

Together with our partners, we harness advances in plant sequencing, genotyping and phenotyping to enhance crop performance.


We provide the infrastructure and know-how for advanced computational analysis with a user-friendly interface developed with and for our partner breeders and researchers. It’s power that’s grounded in deep biological understanding, reduction to practice and field testing, leveraging our collective experience and expertise to create actionable decision support that continuously improves and delivers outstanding results.

At the heart of Benson Hill is CropOS™, a cognitive engine that integrates crop data and analytics with the biological expertise and experience of the scientists of Benson Hill and our partners.

CropOS™ is continuously advancing, always learning from our partners’ challenges and delivering insights that accelerate their R&D programs. It improves with every new dataset and milestone achieved, strengthening the system’s predictive power.  With CropOS, our partners learn faster from their own data.

With CropOS™, we position our partners to deploy a spectrum of genomics approaches for crop improvement. Through our applications, partners can choose technologies that harness natural and novel genetic variation, from breeding to genome editing to synthetic biology. These applications, all powered by CropOS™, can improve crop performance with greater speed and efficacy.

CropOS™ places our partners on the leading edge of advancements in data science and analytics so they can leverage these innovations and advance their businesses.

The genesis of Benson Hill and CropOS™ was Reveal, powered by CropOS™, which moves beyond visualizing data and generating gene lists. Reveal, powered by CropOS™, enables the integration of scientific know-how, insights, and experiences to incorporate unprecedented levels of biological understanding.

Together with other CropOS™ resources, Reveal supports the process of identifying and designing novel trait candidates. Every scientist can weigh the lines of evidence for every gene, and form a fully informed decision about all of the trait candidates for the target phenotype.

To enable RAPID BREEDING™, Benson Hill’s premiere breeding system, Breed, powered by CropOS™, empowers breeders with an easy-to-use solution that goes beyond genomic selection and accelerates crop performance. By leveraging the power of CropOS™, Breed incorporates data and knowledge from all sources to best support breeding decisions. Breed is a powerful and customizable software solution that provides unprecedented insight into your population’s genetics and enables you to target all of your breeding goals simultaneously.

To provide partners with access to the components of a complete genome editing system, Benson Hill is building Edit, powered by CropOS™. Edit is a natural extension of CropOS that includes a diverse portfolio of nucleases, which can precisely delete, edit, or replace genetic sequences. Coupled with CropOS’ data and analytical tools to identify where target sequences exist in a plant’s genome, researchers gain access to a previously unattainable, market leading suite of dryware and wetware capabilities. The CRISPR 3.0 nucleases of Edit are available today and represent a novel system of enzymes validated in higher plants with distinct advantages compared to other genome editing tools used in the plant sciences. Access our white papers on CRISPR 3.0 advantages and case studies here.

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