Brian Gilman

VP Business Development

Brian Gilman started his first company TEOSCO at the age of 13, generating enough revenue to put him through college. Since then, he has built companies out of his passion for science, business and technology. Throughout his career, he has strived to create scientific and business value through the innovative use of consumer and analytics oriented technology.

Prior to joining Benson Hill, Brian led the commercial operation at Gamalon, an Artificial Intelligence company bringing a revolutionary new method to market. Prior to Gamalon, Brian co-founded Wingu, a SaaS based laboratory notebook for scientists and one of the first investments in health-IT by Google Ventures which was eventually bought by PerkinElmer in 2013. Finally, Brian founded SciLink, a social network for scientists which was the first and largest social network of its kind, installed in 10 of the top pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world. Brian also ran Panther Informatics, a statistical solutions consulting firm, and he ran the functional genomics informatics program at the Whitehead Institute — now the Broad Institute — and was a software engineer at Allaire Corporation, which is now part of Adobe.  Brian holds a bachelors degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Union College.

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