Benson Hill Biosystems empowers the food and agricultural community to unlock the natural genetic potential of plants to protect the Earth – and the people who call it home.

About Benson Hill

We believe a healthy, sustainable food system is rooted in diversity and choice.
A variety of crops and flavors,
Optimized for different growing systems,
Through a community of innovators passionate about sustainable food production.

Over 99% of the calories consumed globally are derived from less than 1% of the natural genetic diversity of plants. That’s a lot of diversity for food ingredients left on the table, or really never making it TO the table.

Turns out, Nature is an incredibly generous and under-utilized source of diversity – genetic diversity – that can be a powerful differentiator to develop more healthy and sustainable food choices.
Empowering that differentiation is what we are all about.

True collaboration will empower more innovators.
We know that building a more robust food system will take a community of innovators – companies and institutions of all sizes, throughout the food and agriculture supply chain – empowered with the most advanced data analytics and genomics tools available.

So, we assembled a passionate team of experts to build a revolutionary community-based crop design platform we call CropOS™ (short for Crop Operating System) to tap the vast natural genetic diversity of plants and open a new era of innovation to modernize our food system.

We work closely with our partners to apply design thinking to deliver differentiated products that create more choices and benefits for farmers and consumers alike. Our partners can remain focused on their core business while delivering better products to market faster and for less cost.

It’s time we use fresh approaches and collaboration to unlock Nature’s potential and develop more great tasting, healthy and sustainable food choices for all of us.

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Our Purpose

A strong plant starts with strong roots. In the same way, our company’s strength is rooted in groundbreaking research by two pioneers in photosynthesis research.

  • Andrew Benson

    Dr. Benson’s research led to the discovery of the Calvin-Benson Cycle, which is central to carbon fixation in all photosynthetic organisms. His research forms the basis of some of the manipulations of the photosynthetic machinery at Benson Hill Biosystems.

  • Robin Hill

    Hill explained what is now called the “Hill reaction”, in which oxygen is produced from the splitting of water, and the “Z-scheme”, the process by which electrons are transferred from one molecule to another to capture solar energy in photosynthesis. Both contibutions have significantly impacted our understanding of photosynthesis today.

  • Matthew Crisp

    President & CEO

    Agtech entrepreneur; former venture capitalist, Intrexon

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  • Tom Brutnell

    Chief Scientific Officer

    Photosynthesis expert; Danforth Plant Science Center biofuels lead; former Cornell

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  • Todd Mockler

    Chief Technology Officer

    Genomics and systems biology guru; Danforth Plant Science Center; former Oregon State

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  • Nadine Carozzi

    VP Product Development

    Ag trait developer; co-founder of Athenix; former Syngenta, Bayer

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  • D’Arcy Carroll

    Executive Director, South America

    Bioeconomy business developer; former ETH Bioenergia, Cargill

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  • Brian Gilman

    VP Business Development

    Entrepreneur; technology, genomics, machine learning and AI

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  • Mohammed Oufattole

    VP Research & Development

    Research leader and collaborator

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  • Lee Palles

    Chief Financial Officer

    Serial finance & operations executive; former Olympian

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  • Paul Skroch

    VP Data Science and Platform Engineering

    Plant breeder way into data science; former Monsanto

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  • Murray Spruill

    VP Intellectual Property

    IP counsel extraordinaire; AgBiome; former Alston & Bird, Syngenta

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  • Mike Thompson

    VP Partner Development

    Collaboration architect; former Illumina, BioDiagnostics

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